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Available Literature about Dashora Community

Introductory Remarks

There is little published information about the Dashora Community, people, their origins, history, culture, traditions.  Here is a list of limited  material that we are aware of. Help is needed to make this list more complete.  Please note that we do not as yet have access to many of the publications listed here.

List of available published material

(1) Books by Nandlal Dashora

A set of excellent books have been published by Nandlal Dashora and various co-authors

700 Years (1305-2005)  of History of Dashora Family in Mewad.
by Nandlal  Dashora. 2006 . Also contains imprtantant facts related to Dashora Community in Rajasthan.
We are thankful to the publishers for allowing us to make it available here.
bulletFront cover
bulletCover Page 1, Cover Page 2
bulletIntroduction  page 3 , pages 4&5
bulletAbout the Author pages 6&7
bulletTable of Contents page 8
bulletChapter 1 :  Evolution of Dashora Community  page 8page 9pages 10&11,   page 12
bulletChapter 2 and 3 :  Division of Brahmin Communities   pages 13&14
bulletChapter 4 : Do Dashora  Brahmins  belong to Nagar Community ?
: an analysis
   pages 15&16, page 17, pages 18&19page 20
bulletChapter 5 : Arrival and Reception of Dashora Families in Mewad
:  From historical archives
  pages 21-25
bulletChapter 6  : Dashora Community as mentioned in books and news papers  page 26 page 27
bulletChapter 7and 8 :  Dashora Families in Mewad  and Udaipur  pages 28-33
bulletChapter 9  : Charitable and Social Activities of Dashora Community in Udaipur
  page 34, page 35, page 36. pages 37&38
bulletChapter 10 : Dashora Families in Chittorgarh  pages 39&40
bulletAppendix  :  Genealogy  of the Author's family and Other books by Nandlal Dashora

bulletDASHORA (BRAHMIN) JATI- MEWAD  Wanshawalian avm Wansh Parichay
(Family Trees and an Introduction of the Families)

by Nandlal and Hari Shankar Dashora  Last edited 30-11-2004 + Erratum issued in 2005.
Publishers: Radheshyam Dashora, Purshottam Lal Dashora and Rajendra Prasad Dashora
May be ordered from the authors.
We have a pdf format copy that can be made available to you on request. Please send us an e-mail if you want one
bulletDASHORA (BRAHMIN) JATI- RAJASTHAN Nirdeshika (Directory)
by 4th  Edition  01 July  2007.
Collected by : Krishna Kumar Dashora,  and  Published by Vinod Dashora.  May be ordered from the authors.
The Cover-page and some other pages   are available on internet courtesy of  Deepak Dashora 
We have tried to include the information in our database for people we could uniquely identify. 
bulletDASHORA (BRAHMIN) JATI-  Dharmik Paramparayen (Religious Traditions)
by Nandlal Dashora  First Edition  01 March 1996.
Publishers: Shyam Sunder  Dashora and Nandlal Dashora May be ordered from the authors.  
bulletDASHORA (BRAHMIN) JATI- MEWAD Itihas (History)
bulletDASHORA (BRAHMIN) JATI-  MEWAD Itihas avm Parichay  (History and Introduction)

(2) Book by Narendra Mehta

bulletNagar Brahman Samaj Ka Udbhav Evam Vikas
by Dr Narendra K Mehta, Sharda Prakashan, 2008.
Although we do have not access to this  this book yet,  here is a review of the book submitted by Shri Naveen Mehta ( son of the author).
As we understand the book presents  mix of mythological and historical  data regarding Nagar  history and has some linkage with Prashnora Nagar i.e. Dashora Community. Here are the contents and photos of  front cover, first pageintroductory page,   contents page, and pictures of Dashora Dharmshalas in Ujjain and Omkareshwar  and Hatkeswar Mahadev Temple in Ujjain  from the book.   The book can be ordered from the authors.

(2)    Articles published in Jai Haatkeswarvani Monthly Magazine  by Mrs. Sheela Dashora

bullet October 2008 : "Yashodavarman hands over the kingdom of Dashpur"
bullet November 2008: "Other descriptions of Prashnora Nagars arriving in Dashpur"
bullet December 2008 :   "Is Pashuptinath temple Hatkeshwar Temple?"
bullet January 2009 :  "The word "Dashora"  does not indicate a caste"
bullet March 2009 :  "The shrines of Sati's still exist in Shiwana River"
bullet May 2009 :  " General Halooji Hada had hidden 20 persons in his home"
bullet June 2009 : "Carnage was the reason for migration from Mandsaur"
bullet December 2009 " "Prashnora Nagars became "Dashora" after displacement from Mandsaur"
bullet April 2010 "Pious Shrines of Dashora Kul Devtas and Kul Devis"


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