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Dashora Families exhibit great regard for their ancestors, worship them as family deities ( Kul Devata, Kul-mata, .Kul-Devi, Sati Mata and Bhairvas) and show them their gratitude to seek their blessings in all walks of life. The ritual of evoking of the spirits of the ancestors is essential part all major religious ceremonies. There are many sacred shrines of various Dashora ancestors in different areas of Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan. These Stahanks, Otlas and Temples are considered important places of worship for any special family occasion.
These shrines represent important genealogical place, time and event  markers.
Their study may provide important clues about Dashora family genealogy and thus is very  relevant for discovering our  roots and history, specially because written records are rare and very difficult to find It is thus very meaningful to study these shrines and their history

Here are some pictures and description of events and family legends sent to us by people regarding the  commemorative shrines of ancestors and  family deities.

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Maha Sati Mata Shrine at  Mandsaur

Many Dashoras ( both Brahmin and Mahajan origin s) consider Mandsaur Maha Sati-mata Shrine as one that represents a memorial shrine for one of their ancestors. Although not all Dashora Brahmin endorse  their connection  to the event, it is firmly believed that a Sati event  for Koravya Mishra Family happened at the location of this shrine in the year 1305 A.D.  (Vikram Samvad 1362).

Photographs of Maha Sati Mata Shrine in Mandsaur
Photographer : Navneet Sharma


Submitted by
Shri Dinesh Dashora,
Ujjain, India

Submitted by Shri
Mahesh Sugandhi, Ujjain, India

Photographs of Mishra Family Sati Mata  at
Maha Sati Mata Shrine in Mandsaur
(Submitted by Sumit Mishra  May 2009)

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 Sati Mata Shrines  at Rampura

Joshi Family Sati Mata at Rampura
Mishra Family Sati Mata Shrine
Photo by:   Shantnu Mishra
Joshi Family Sati Mata Shrine
 submitted by Ravindra Joshi

Joshi Family Sati Mata at Rampura
Mishra Family Sati Mata Shrine
Photo by:   Deepak Mishra (2015)
Mishra &Joshi Family Sati Mata Shrines
 Photo by:   Deepak Mishra (2015)

Photographs of Mishra Family Sati Mata Shrine Submitted by Sumit Mishra

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Mishra Family Sati Mata Shrine at Rudrakheda

Mishra Family Sati Mata at Rudrakheda
Photo courtesy  of Pratishtha Dashora Mishra (2017)

Mishra Family Sati Mata Shrine at Bhanpura

Mishra Family Sati Mata At Bhanpura

Photo courtesy  of Deepak Mishra

Family  Shrines of Koshalya Upadhyaya Bhatt  Family
at  Nawali and  Bhanpura

Sati Mata and Bhairav  Shrines of
Koshalya Upadhyaya Bhatt  Family at  Nawali, M.P., India

Bhairav Shrine  at Nawali

Sati Mata Shrine at Nawali

Photographs Submitted by Dayawant Dashora


Sthanak  for Kuldevi Peeplada of Dashora Upadhyaya Bhatt Family 
(Under a Peepal Tree near River Rewa)
near Rambhatt Mahadev Temple in Bhanpura, M.P. India

Photographer : Navneet Sharma (August 2008)

Mishra Family Bhairava Shrine at Chechat, Rajasthan

Dashora/Mishra Family Bhairav Shrine at Chechat 

Photo courtesy of Deepak Mishra 2010 

Submitted by Sumit Mishra (June 2009)



Photo courtesy  of Pratishtha Dashora Mishra (2017) Photo courtesy  of Pratishtha Dashora Mishra(2017)

Choubey Family Bhairava Shrine
Ancient temple of  Kuldevata (Bhairav?) at Jannod Rampura Distt.  M.P. India

Photo courtesy of Suresh Choubey published in  Dashora - A Progressive Community Facebook Group  August 2014

Kuldevi of Mishra Family Deradi Mata at Zarzari


Photo courtesy of Deepak Mishra 2010  

Dashora Family Kul Bhairav (Kala Ji Bhaji Bheru) Shrine 
at Bolo Ka Savanta, Distt. Chittorgarh

Photo courtesy of Shri Laxmikant Dashora, 2012  

Sati Mata Shrine at Nawali, M.P., India: This Shrine is believed to be of Smt. Kunku Bai wife of Shri Kukaji Bhatt
Date of the Sati event is believed to be Vikram Samvad 1362 (A.D. 1305) at Navali, M.P. The event occured near Navali "Talab" lake Under a Banyan tree.
After some times a  temple was constructed by the Dashora Community. Presently (2008) Shri  Modulalji Dashora Korvya Mishra is in charge    / custodian of this Shrine for the Koshalya Upadhyaya Bhatt Family.

Upadhyaya Bhatt family considers  Devi Peeplada Mata Rewa (Sitting under a Peepal tree near Rewa River) as their Kuldevi. The pictures above show the Peepal tree in August 2008. The tree was destroyed by a fire in December 2008. This Stahank near Rambhatt Mahadev Temple in Bhanpura is believed to be the place described in the family legends. In that family traditionally one is not permitted to burn wood from Peepal tree.
Also it has been brought to our attention (unconfirmed) that the Rambhatt Mahadev Temple itself may have connections with the Dashora Heritage. We are awaiting information on establishing if this is factual.

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Other Dashora Family Shrines

The following list presents location and a bit of information about some other  Dashora Family Shrines that we have told.
 We will welcome information and photographs of these shrines and these are included as these shrines (Sthanaks, Otlas, Temples...) represent a significant marker and provide a reference  point for discovering genealogy of many of the Dashora Families

bulletAccording to Rajan Vaidya there is a shrine or temple in Oon, Nimad, M.P. This temple is apparently an old monument. The archeological board of India, has placed a placard there stating that it is a heritage propoerty (though it seems to be completely abandoned ). . The Dashora families in the region consider this as originally belonging to Dashora ancestors.  
bulletKoshalyay Vora Bhatt  Family have a Sati Mata Shrine at Khargaon, M.P., India 
bulletMandavya Vyas   Family have a Sati Mata Shrine  at Oon,  Dist.  Khargaon, M.P., India.
It is believe that this event happened at about 18th century
bulletAccording to Mrs Suman Joshi there is a shrine of of Dashora Kuldevi ( pre-Mandaur era)  located at Junagarh Kila. 
Also we have been informed  Gujrat Prasnora Nagars consider the shrine of Rannadevi in Jawaraj as the Kuldevi of Prashnora Nagars. 
We are not including the pictures if that shrine on this page yet as we are further investigating
1) A claim by Dayawant Dashora that these two shrines refer to the same site,
 2) If there is any real connection between Ranni Devi and  and if the Dashoras have any real links  to this shrine.
 3)Also we are not sure if the  Ranni Devi Temple is a the shrine of Dashora or Prashnora Nagar  Ancestor or a temple for another Mythological Goddess.
Please feel free to see our notes from the reference above and other references about Ranni Devi.
bulletA family Wanshawali note from Shri Shivnarayan Dashora  of Khandava indicates that their Kuldevi and (and Kuldevi of Prashnora Nagars) Rani Devyanti  who lived around Vikram Samvad 1331.

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