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This section  contains links auxiliary material useful  for this project.  We maintain a depository of notes that address some of the following:

Objective and Requirements

This section  states our objectives in creating the genealogical data base and web site . We also describe kind of information  we want to gather and have available for others to view. We welcome your suggestions regarding  how we can make this site more useful for the community as a whole.  We will examine the merits of various requests for enhancements and most likely seek your help in implementing your suggestions.

Achievements and Significant events

In this section we keep  notes about material submitted to us about achievements of the members of the Dashora Community. We also include description of significant events that had or will have a profound impact on Dashora Community and its genealogical characteristics.  We seek your help in contributing information for this section as well.

Historical notes and present day stories

In this section  we record material submitted to us to  regarding past historical events not only  myths and legends but  also (mostly) true validated facts. We also welcome information about  what is happening in the community at the present time that may be  noteworthy and of  interest to to future generations.  We encourage you to submit relevant material  for this section.

Request for information

In this section we record the questions  that crop up in the course of working on this project. Please consult this section to see what  questions we have.  The questions address:

bulletvalidity of  information
bulletgood sources to get  information
bulletinformation on  various people and their relationships
bulletinformation that may be useful to know about people
bulletinconsistencies that we have observed
bulletmissing links

 We seek your input to make the information on "The Great Dashora Family" as accurate as possible.

What is new

In this section  we record what new work is complete and what is new at the www site and on our database. Some of the new information in our data-base becomes available on the www site only after a periodic merge. We usually merge our databases end of every month.


Objectives Archives

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