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Dashora Family Genealogy Data-base and and Web-Site

The site listed below is an extensive data base that provides genealogical information about members of the Extended Dashora Family, You can see information about individuals and families in graphical and text form. You can see family tree Charts (Wanshawalis) .  Please note that our database includes both male and female members of the community.
The database and access to site is password protected and available only to members of the Extended Dashora Community.
Please send  us an e-mail at if you need access to any of the site elements.
Please visit our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page for more information about the Dashora Family Genealogy Data-base and and its contents.. When complete, (our ultimate objective!) this database would have information about each and every person of Dashora Brahmin Origin who ever existed and their close relatives.

The Great Dashora Family Genealogy
A user friendly interface to our data-base allows generation of  genealogy charts and reports dynamically.  This allows you to explore many great genealogical treasures.
You can create and view charts showing pedigree, decedents and ancestors of any person in the list including yourself and all your relatives.
Some features include:

bulletPedigree Charts allow you to see a persons pedigree.
bulletHourglass Charts show the ancestors and decedents in a single chart for any individual.
bulletUsing Relationship Charts you can  find out  how different individuals in the Extended Dashora Family are related  to each other.
bulletThe  relationship diagrams permit viewing different chains of  of relationships (via common ancestor or via marriage) between people you choose. 
The great thing about these charts is that you can trace both paternal and maternal relationships.
bulletThe charts are "clickable" to allow you to navigate through different families.
bulletThe report generation capabilities allow getting "pdf " / printable files of individuals their pedigree, descendents, family data and more.
bulletYou can search for individuals using their names, nicknames or family names and create their charts.

Please note that for females we use their maiden name (family name at birth)  as the last name.

Of course our data base still needs to be populated with more of  relevant info. Once we have more information about dates of events such as births, deaths, marriages etc., calendars and timelines  features will become more useful.  The data is continually updated as we get more info so please do visit the site often and most importantly contribute to the growth of our database .

You can gain access to the database and many of  its capabilities by registering on the site  using the web interface. Please provide sufficient info while registering to uniquely indentify and your family within the wanshawali. Normally names of parents and grand parents (both paternal and maternal) would be enough.

Please feel free to ask for assistance at if you have difficulty registering, logging-in  or using the site.

Our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)  page has further information and details regarding the database and its contents.

Dashora Family Names
It is believed that the ancestors of the Dashora Brahmin Community originally  consisted  of people with 12 gotras namely Koravya, Bhargava, Warahi, Dhannanjay, Mandavya, Gotam, Koshalya, Kondinya,  Kapistal, Garg, and Kashyap.  Each of the gotras have their own last name sets  and unique praying hierarchy.  Dashoras of Rajasthan origin usually use "Dashora" as their last name but other Dashoras use many different last names based on their gotra, profession of ancestors, or for a variety of other historical reasons.


Many people have contributed to populate this database. Also we wish to acknowledge books by Shri Nandlal and Hari Shankar Dashora which have been very helpful  in being able to include Rajasthan Origin Dashora Families in our database.  We are also thankful to the publishers of Dashora Directories  for Rajasthan and for Indore region .

Request for Information

We are looking for information on members Dasahora Brahmin Family and their descendants (both past and present generations)  and their ancestors. We have many specific questions in filling some of the "Missing Links" .Any information that may help in making our database more complete and accurate is welcome. We wish to communicate with any volunteers who may want to assist us in providing more information. Please feel free to contact us anytime and we will be glad to hear from you.

What is not included

Please note that by Extended Dashora Community we mean Dashora Brahmin Families (with common ancestors as us), their descendants and the families of those related to them by marriage.  Unless we gather historical data that points otherwise,  other Dashora Communities such as Dashora Mahajans are not included in our genealogy data-base.

We are not actively researching the genealogical data for the non Dashora ancestry for persons who have now become part of our  data-base  as a result of their marriage into the Dashora Community. However if any of the Dashora  descendents wish to include their non-Dashora ancestry  to our data-base - we encourage them to do so and we will be delighted  to include the  information submitted to us and  connect them to the Extended Dashora Family .

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