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Temples of Worship

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Our ancestors have been priests and have been involved in the management, construction and operations of temples and similar places of worship. This section of the www site lists some of these temples and their significance to Dashora Family history and our genealogy.

Also Dashoras consider Hatkeshwar Mahadev to be their principal deity.  Also listed on this page are some of the Hatkeshwar Mahadev Temples that may have special connection to Dashoras.

We invite Dashora family members to provide information related to such temples ( pictures, inscription and any other relevant material)  along with a description of  their significance to Dashora Family History and Genealogy

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Described in the book by Shri Nandlal Dashora

1. In the year 1484 Maheshwar Bhatt wrote the inscription for the Temple of Ramnathji in the village of Jawar.

2. In the year 1487 Maheshwar Bhatt created an inscription of "Mamadev" in Kumbh Swami Temple in Kumbhalgarh, Raj.

3. In the year  1535 Purshottam Bhatt s/o Maheswar Bhatt created the insciption for the pillar for Aikling Temple (Udaipur?). This was when Maharana Vikramaditya was the ruler.

4. In the year 1848 Koteshwar  Bhatt created the inscription for the Jagat Shiromani Temple in Udaipur. The temple was ten construted by Maharana Swaroop Singh.

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. Many Dashoras have been the priests at Aikling Temple in Udaipur Rajasthan.

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. Hatkeshwar Temples:

The Hatkeshwar Temple in Badnagar Gujrat was originally constructed in 3rd century A.D. That is  when the Nagar Community started worshipping Hatkeshwar. The temple was established   on "Chaitra Sudi 14". It is for this reason that this date is considered as Hatkeshwar Jayanti.   Hatkeshwar temple has been described in Skandpuran, Shivpuran, Wamanpuran and Bhagwat Mahapuran.

The Hatkeshwar Temple in Udaipur was constructed much later (When?).  According to Mr. Yugal Kishor Dashora there was a Peapal Tree where Dashoras used to worship with Jal (water) .  Then there was a platform (Chabootari) constructed and a statue of Narbbadeswar Mahadev was established. Later this was converted to a small temple. All the costuction was carried by donations from the Dashora community. ( A list of donors is available with Shri Bheemshankar Dashora or later with Mr. Gopishankar Dashora. This then led to construction of present day temple in Udaipur. The operation of the temple is done by donations from the Dashora Community. Since last few years there are special festivities and communal feasts are held on the days of Shivratri and Hatkeshwar Jayanti. ( Source:  Book by Nandlal Dashora)

Many Dashoras believe  that the  Pashupatinath Temple in Mandsaur  as also a Hatkeshwar Temple,

There is a Hatkeshwar Temple in Rampura situated behind the house of Shri Bhanvar Lalji Bhatt "Madhup" Mishra, is  believed to be built long ago  by our ancestors.  Presently the priest for the temple is Shri Kanhiyalalji Mishra. He has built a small garden and establised water connection for the temple. The dome and the verandah at this time in unattened ruin condition., the surroundin walls are rebuilt and are safe. At this time only 3 Dashora Families live in Rampura. The old residence where Dashoras lived in Rampura are in ruins as well..( Source : Jitendra Mishra)

There is a Hatkeshwar Temple in Khajarana Indore which was constructed very recently, year 1994, by Madhav Prasad Dubey and the Visnagara Nagar Community.  (Source: Akhilesh Joshi)

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