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Customs, Traditions, Rituals, Religious Practices and Spiritual Beliefs of Dashora Descendants

From the moment of birth to death and even long after death of individuals Dashora Families and their Descendants follow many different customs and traditions, engage in rituals, celebrate festivities  and  observe and engage in many religious practices. This section of the www site is intended to describe some of these and their historical significance to modern day evolution. Also discussed is the thinking and reasoning and rational behind some of these. These practices vary  from family to family and due to amalgamation of practices from other social and cultural contexts and due to influence of other religions. We invite all  Dashora family members to contribute their specific versions and details of these.  We hope that a study of these will provide better clues to understanding of our history, origins and values. These pages are not intended to be prescriptive nor to be used as guide or for deciding  what is "right" or "wrong" or "should" or "should not" be followed, but are solely  included for documenting and recording the way people remember them and the way these have been practiced in the past and how these are practiced in the modern times.

bulletPre birth
bulletYoung age
bulletFestivities during everyday living  and seasonal celebrations
bulletSpecial Occasions and worships
bulletPost Death
bulletOrigin of customs and reference material

These customs have some basis in scriptures that Dashora Ancestors followed and sometimes are derived from a broader Brahmin context - however many of these have been passed through generations by word of mouth by the elders both males and females.  References are always made to Yajurveda, Skandpuran and other similar texts. A book by Nandlal Dashora "Dashora Brahmin Jati, Dharmik Paramparayen" has a collection some of these.

For many years the wedding and other ceremonies in Indore were conducted by Shri Shankar Guru. After his demise the torch is now passed on to Sainuji (Shri Chandra Shekhar MISHRA) who as I understand has been doing an excellent job.  We hope volunteers will pass on to us good information to capture the body of knowledge available. Please send any info to me or please feel to post it on the Dashora Family Group on  Facebook

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