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Reference Material

We have seen reference to some material depicting the history of Dashora Community but we do not have access to many of these citations yet. However we are listing it here so that  others who are interested may be able to pursue.

1. "History of Dashora Community (Dashora Jati Ka Itihas ) by Bhanwar Lal (Madhup) Bhatta  published in 1976.

2. Articles in "Danik Bhaskar" dated 2-3-2005 by Niranjan Shukla

3  "Hatkeswar Times" artical mentions that a Mr.  Premchand Rao has a collection of papers describing lot of information about Dashora Community

4 "Hatkeswar Janmat"  in Feb. 2000 published an article "Dashor Nagar - An Intoduction  "

5 ""Nagar Brahman Samaj Ka Udbhav Evam Vikas" by Dr Narendra K Mehta, Sharda Prakashan, 2008.

6 Articles published in Jai Hatkeswarvani Monthly Magazine  by Mrs. Sheela Dashora

bullet October 2008 : "Yashodavarman hands over the kingdom of Dashpur"
bullet November 2008: "Other descriptions of Prashnora Nagars arriving in Dashpur"
bullet December 2008 :   "Is Pashuptinath temple Hatkeshwar Temple?"
bullet January 2009 :  "The word "Dashora"  does not indicate a caste"
bullet March 2009 :  "The shrines of Sati's still exist in Shiwana River"
bullet May 2009 :  " General Halooji Hada had hidden 20 persons in his home"
bullet June 2009 : "Carnage was the reason for migration from Mandsaur"
bullet December 2009  "Prashnora Nagars became "Dashora" after displacement from Mandsaur"
bullet January 2009 "Dashoras had the  "jagir" of 11 villages till after independence
bullet April 2010 "Pious Shrines of Dashora Kul Devtas and Kul Devis"



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