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Some Special historical attributes of
Dashora Brahmins (Prashnora Nagars)


Some special characteristicr traits of the ancestor of the  Dashora Brahmins( Prashnora Nagars) are:
Primary Source: "Nagar Brahmin Samaj ka Udbhav avm Vikas" book by Dr. Narendra Kumar Mehta 2008 

bullet They considered Hatkeshwar to be their Kul Deveta .
bulletThey  were engaged in conducting of religious ceremonies and worships
bullet Not only they were priests but were also famous for  providing expertise and advice ( being knowledgeable, intelligent, problem solvers and planners and strategists).
They provided advice to the Royal Families during piece and war for governing as well as in the art of war.
bulletTheir symbols included Kalam, Kadchi and Baarchhi (I am not sure of their meaning)
bulletThey were considered  great in the use of Pen. Being knowledgeable and learned were considered excellent in the art of governance and civil  administration
(To this day Dashora Brahmin excel in the pursuit there professions.)
bullet They were knowledgeable in the fields of religion, astrology, science, medicine as well as fine arts  such as writing  prose and poetry (literature) and music.
bullet The members of this caste did not long for "Daxhina" (remuneration) or "Daya" Chrity.
(To this day the most descendents do not consider monetary rewards as the most desired objective .
In their value system it is not acceptable to receive money without rendering fair service.)
bulletThey were highly sought after but did not accept  compensation for services.
bullet The donated to others whatever they received as remuneration

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