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July 2007 EDITION

This  page describes the procedure to see the Pedigree, Ancestor and Descendent Charts and other detailed Information such as close relatives of Dashora Families listed in  the DASHORA DIRECTORY using the  DASHORA FAMILY GENEALOGY SITE 

1. You will need a valid user name and password.  The FAQ Page  provides  answers to  some of the questions about the  Dashora Family Genealogy  Data-Base.   

2. Once you have obtained a valid username and password the following links will allow you to see the Wanshawalis. 

3. The tables listed below show the Individual GENEALOGY SITE ID numbers for the people listed in the Dashora Directory.

Page 1-10 Page 11-20 Page 21-30 Page 31-40 Page 41-50 Page 51-60 Page 61-70 Page 71-79 Page 80-87

4. Procedure to create Charts  

A) Pedigree Charts   
To see the Pedigree Chart go to:   < >
Normally this link will first ask you to enter your user name and password and then your own or a default pedigree assigned to your account will appear. You will see a dialog box near the top right side of the page.
In the “ Root Person ID” Field  enter the letter “I” followed by the  “GENEOLOGY SITE ID” number for the individual as shown in the tables. You can change number of Generations  to your desired number and press on the “View”  button. (Note:  “I” is optional,   only the Genealogy Site ID number will work as well.) 

The Procedure to see the Descendancy Chart , Ancestry Chart, and Hourglass Chart is similar. The Dialog box may not appear at the same location. 

B) Ancestry Charts
To see the Ancestry  Chart go to:   <  >

C) Descendancy Charts
To to see the Decadency  Chart go to:   <  >   

D) Hourglass Charts
To see the Hourglass  Chart go to:   <   >

E) Relationship Charts
 To see the Relation Chart showing how two people are related
 go to:   < >
The Relationship Charts allow you to see how two individuals are related. Just enter in the two person boxes the letter “I” followed by the  “GENEOLOGY SITE ID” number for each of the two  individuals.

F)  Individual Information Page
At any time when the chart is shown you can click on the individual name to get detailed relevant info such as Address, Immediate Family and other data about the individual. 

G) Preparing PDF reports
The web base software has limited capability to output some of the charts and other reports in .pdf format. However the output is not of very desirable quality. We have other software available in case you wish specific reports please contact us and we will be able to create a much better quality output in pdf format for you.  


Please follow the  following links to see the correspondence between people listed on pages in the Dashora Directory Pages and Individual ID at  the Dashora Family Genealogy Site.

Page 1-10 Page 11-20 Page 21-30 Page 31-40 Page 41-50 Page 51-60 Page 61-70 Page 71-79 Page 80-87

Note: If we do not have a “GENEOLOGY SITE ID”  for an individual it may be because either we do not have data about the person or we were not able to unambiguously associate that person with an entry in our database.    We need help from the community to further populate our data-base and correct any errors or inconstancies.  Also for relationship charts to work well we need more information about female members of Dashora Community. This information especially for past generations is hard to come.  We look forward to information coming from the community to enhance the quality of our work. 


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